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Compliment About My Monthly Repair Newsletter

By on July 28, 2008

Dear Jestine Yong, 

Compliments of the Season!

It Is A Pleasure Using This Medium To Acknowledge The Reciept Of Your Newsletters On Repair Work You Sent To Me. I Found the Piece So Interesting That I’m Taking My Time to Digest Them. So Far, Words In Black And White Are Not Enough To Thank You; It Is My Prayers And Desire That You Extend Your Wealth Of KNOWLEDGE TO My Commission And My Country At Large. I ever will remain grateful to read more of your newsletters. I must profess; your work has really increased my confidence to test discrete components. 

Thanks and Remain Blessed 

Engr Ikenna O Ugorji

Computer Services Department,

Abia State Planning commission,


Abia STATE, Nigeria.


As usual, my coming repair newsletter for the month of August, hopefully i can send it out by this Saturday and hope the content of this coming newsletter could help you to become better in electronic repairing. Have a good day!

Jestine Yong




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