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Could Optoisolator IC Possibly Breakdown When Under Full Load?

By on May 5, 2008

Have you come across optoisolator or optocoupler IC that breakdown when under full load or full operating voltage? I do came across few in my life as electronic repairers. I will only directly replace the Optoisolator IC after  i have found no bad components in the circuit board. The obvious problem that I’ve seen when the IC broke down was  intermittent no power.  When you take out and test it off board, it looks okay. The reading was just like the normal npn transistor and diode but failed when full voltage was applied to the set! If you have the ECG Philip Master replacement guide you could see that there are actually many types of optoisolator IC’s. Not all optoisolator IC can be tested with multimeter-it depends on what are the components used inside the IC’s.

optoisolator ic


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