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Cracking The Code Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering

By on July 26, 2014









Do you want to become an electrical engineer or an electronic engineer? There is a fine line between the concept of being an electrical engineer and an electronic engineer. An individual may have the passion of creating and designing the electrical devices, or to study the functions of the electrical gadgets filled with electrical fittings. He can build his career in any of the respective fields, but sometimes the difference between both the occupations is obscured. There are several schools and colleges offering electrical engineering degrees, which would give you a clear idea of what these fields are all about, and whether they are connected with each other.


Role Of An Electrical Engineer:

v  If you are an electrical engineer, your main task would be about doing the research and development in the mechanical gadgets for transferring the electrical energy, and try to look for the ways to preserve it. The study of the electrical signals also comes under your work. The cell phones and the smart phones that you are using, have the basis of the electronics. While the virtual and the text data is sent by the emission of the electrical signals. Another quality example of the electrical genre is the transmission of signals of cell phones, via satellites. There are other crucial components and tasks which an electrical engineer has to perform and operate. They are:

ü  Lasers

ü  Electromagnetics

ü  Motors

ü  Lighting

ü  Power competence

v  If you notice in the professional arena, there is a huge requirement for the persons who have obtained a qualified degree of an electrical engineer. Reason being, we are so much inclined on the use of technology that even a slightest disruption in the mechanical functions creates a chaos in our work. We need an exemplary electrical engineer who is well qualified and is acquainted with the knowhow of the electrical field.

v  There are websites like Electro friends, which prove a great aid to the students who are in need of electrical-projects, articles, questionnaires on different topics, and source codes. Browsing through these websites would benefit the students pursuing the electrical engineering course. The individual who has passed out from a university would see better aspects of a bright career ahead than the one who is not a graduate. Students, who have opted for these programs, would gain ample of job opportunities in their countries as well as abroad. However, a strong background of mathematics and science is needed.

Essentials Of An Electronic Engineer:

v  The aspect of electronic engineer is being selected by the students as their career option. Entrepreneurs as well as the common people are now relying on the mobile devices for their jobs, businesses and daily routines. The electronic engineers are the people who develop the cell phones as well as other electronic gadgets.

v  Websites like Electro friends offers C++ programs using the constructor and the destructor for printing out the details of the students in schools and colleges. For better development, electronic projects for students should be given based on various topics like cyber cafe management, remote system monitoring and controlling, and several other topics to develop the practical knowledge of the pupil.


v  If the individual studies the electronic engineering, he has to concentrate on both the aspects of computer and electronics. However, the computer engineers just have to handle the services related to the computers.

The various sub fields related to the electronic engineering are:

ü  Engineering of telecommunications

ü  Control engineering

ü  Instrumentation engineering

ü  computer engineering

v  To make the subject more interesting, electronic projects for students regarding street light circuits, air flow detector circuit and telephone operated calling system are given to enhance their ideas in their selected profession. They can also avail the project guidelines from Electro friends, which offer ample of opportunities to build innovative projects which can enhance their minds in the chosen profession.

v  Robotic and nanotechnology are the respective fields, which an individual can choose for his profession. Reason being, the field of electronics is full of new innovations and creativity which if you use and bestow from your side would create miracles in the technical aspects.

About The Author: Bency George is a freelance writer. Here, he provides information regarding the careers of an electronic and electrical engineer. He supports the making of electronic projects for students given by the universities.




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    July 27, 2014 at 12:27 am

    Thanks Bency. If I wanted to be an engineer, I would go for electronics engineer.


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