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A friend of mine who is also a photographer, came to me because his old CRT Philips TV Model 21PT 434 (13 years old) was having a funny noise in the Audio-out when he and his family were watching TV programs. This funny noise will go away if you move the connector of the antenna in the rear of the set.

The rear cover of the TV set was removed and the job began:

crt tv repair

The Main board was covered by a layer of dust as can be seen in the photos above. First thing was to clean all the dust.  The RF unit was carefully re-soldered (remember, an old TV SET). It has many loose solder joints. The Audio-out IC was re-soldered too together with some other electronic components which were around the area.

When I was checking on the circuit I found dry solder joints in the IN-OUT jacks in the rear of the Main board. My friend also told me to me that his DVD Player was losing audio coming out from speakers from time to time. This part of the circuitry was re-soldered too.

crt tv repairing

 When the TV set was assembled, everything came back to normal, and it has been working fine until now.

crt tv repairings

This article was prepared for you by Mr Humberto Rodriguez from Cuba.

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