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Customer Is Our Greatest Asset

By on July 1, 2008

Lets face the fact, without customers there would be nothing happen in your business. No matter how good is your troubleshooting and repairing skills is, without customers you will have no equipment to repair. Our profits is fully dependent on our customers. The more bad equipment we can get from our customers, the more profit we can make after every repairs. They are the one who pay us salary, bonuses, bills and etc.

 customer service

Treat the customers good and they will continue to give business to you. Do you know that one of the best business is the type of business that have repeated sales like personal insurance, pharmacy and etc. You pay them every month! Similarly with electronic repair, a customer (or dealers) could send you lots of equipment for you to repair month after month and even year after year. I have customers still continue to send equipment for us to repair even after twelve years in this repair business! There’s no doubt also that some may have closed down and due to this one have to constantly to look out for opportunity. Think of a way on how to get more customers and one thing that you should not miss is the repair knowledge and the management skill. Even if you could get lots of contracts but because you lack of such skills, you may end up losing the contracts! Do whatever you can (continue to learn) to make yourself better than you were yesterday and this will surely bring success to you and your company. Remember, without customers there will be nothing to talk about.


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