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Defense Against Static Electricity With The Help Of Wrist Strap

By on February 2, 2008

A static charge may be built up when two surfaces rub against each other. In our normal activities, we generate static charge all the time. This charge can have a voltage high enough (may be thousands of volts) to create quite a spark. Even though the voltage is high, the current is very low, so only a small amount of power is involved. Static is always a problem when you are repairing and troubleshooting. You must take special precautions whenever you repair any equipment that have CMOS IC’s in it.

Before you touch any parts inside the equipment, always ground yourself to remove of any static charge. Many service technicians and engineers wear a wrist strap which is connected to ground through a one mega ohm resistor. This will safely drains off any static electric charges from their body. Look at the photo and you could clearly see a wrist strap attached to his left hand. If you deal with motherboard repair, hard disk, FET components and etc, it is recommended to get a wrist strap before the static charge kills the electronic components.

static charge wrist strap

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