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Demonstration Of ESR Meter

By on August 6, 2008

blue esr meter

Do you know how i demonstrate ESR meter to my clients? You just can’t ask your customer to buy without showing any good points about the meter-am i right? You have to convince them and you have to proof to them that other meters can’t do the job that the ESR meter can. Normally i would give to them 3 pieces of electrolytic capacitors that have the same microfarad and the working voltage and i would also lent them an analog and a digital capacitance meter for them to test the capacitors. Some of them even brought along their trusted Fluke meter to test out the capacitors. Guess what the result was? They could not tell which one is good and which one is bad!

They were surprised when the ESR meter tested on the capacitors. They could cleary see the differences in term of the ESR ohm value between the three capacitors. They were immediately convinced! There is no magic tricks involved! After that i will further demonstrate how ESR meter can be use to test electrolytic capacitors on board and also use it to check on low ohms resistors.


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