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Discharge First The Big Filter Capacitor

By on March 9, 2009

capacitor discharge

Yes it is true if you want to repair any electronic equipment that have the SMPS in it. The big filter capacitor is located in the primary side of Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) and you have to discharge it before you begin to work on it. Now I’m not talking about being discharge to your body by the voltage in the capacitor. I’m more concern about the solution that you use to clean the PCB board. If the voltage in the filter capacitor still high (due to circuit problem) and you apply the cleaning solution onto the SMPS board without discharging the capacitor first, the voltage from the filter capacitor could spark off fire on the board if the cleaning solution touch on the two pins of the filter capacitor by the cleaning brush.

In order to avoid any bad incident happen i urge you to first discharge the big filter capacitor first before you use any solution to clean the board.


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