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Do You Keep Electronic Spare Parts?

By on March 29, 2008

If you are dealing with electronic repair i suggest to you to keep some of the fast moving electronic spare parts. You would know as which components that you need to keep them. A Monitor spare parts is different from a Microwave spare parts. You judge for yourself how many you would like to keep them. The reason for it is to save your time and hassle to go to your electronic supplier whenever you need spare parts. Traffic jam (time wasted), parking fees, toll fees would be a waste if you go to your electronic supplier few times a week. I would normally go one or two times in a month.


Some of the common spare parts that you need to keep are fuse (fast and slow blow from 1 Amp to 6.3 Amp), capacitors, normal and fast recovery diodes, Horizontal output transistors (if you are in TV and Monitor repair), resistors and remember to keep some solder lead too! With the ever ready spare parts that you have it can actually add up more items that you can repair in a day thus you can earn more and the customer would be happy too for your fast repair service.


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