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Don’t Easily Give Up On Electronic Repairs!

By on April 6, 2008

Be strong when you deal with those tough dog problem in electronic repairs. Don’t simply give up just because you do not understand how that circuit work or no reference to help you out. Its easy to say the equipment is beyond repair but do you know that customers is actually watching us about the successful repaired rate. If they send in 10 equipment and you can only repair 5 to 7 of them and the rest you tell them beyond repair, in the long run the customers might think that you are not efficient enough to handling their equipment and when opportunity comes to them (may be the customers met your competitors) they can easily shift to your competitors. If the equipment is beyond repair due to certain reasons, make sure you really have check that the equipment indeed is beyond repair (like broken flyback, burnt electronic boards, no spare parts available from electronic suppliers and from the internet and etc) otherwise if they send to your competitors and if they could repair it then i guess your deal with the customers may have gone forever.


Do your best to fix the equipment your customers sent to you. Treat the equipment like your patience and carefully repair it as to avoid any callback. Find out the best way to solve the problem, like visiting forum to ask for answer, go to ebay to buy any broken unit so that you can salvage the parts from it, get relevant schematic diagrams and analyze it and just to whatever you can to accomplish your ultimate aim which is to solve the problem and get the payment. This kind of job are fully dependent on you to find the solution and you cannot rely on other peoples. The reason i say that was because i want you to learn new things during the searching for the complete solution.

You will learn how to read new circuit, where to order parts, which websites that you should bookmark for future reference, how much are the spare parts is and etc. I hope you get what i mean and from now on go and make sure the job is done.


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