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Don’t Remove Electronic Components From Your Customer Equipment

By on June 19, 2008

Ever come across electronic equipment that was beyond repair? and tempted to remove customer electronic components from their equipment? Please don’t do it as it will tarnish your company reputation. If an electronic equipment is beyond repair then just fix back the cover and give the set back to the customer. Don’t try to replace a bad component in it and take out the good one and don’t remove the components from its original location.

It’s a bad ethical of doing such practice. If you need the component just ask from the customer or just buy a new one. What if the beyond repair equipment the customer send to other electronic repairer to try it out (second opinion). You may be held responsibility if the other techinicans complaint to the owner that there are many parts missing in the equipment. I always tell my repair staff if they could not repair the set just send it back with everything intact.

I’ve heard of many small repair companies charge very cheap for Monitor repair services. What they do is to repair customer Monitors with only minor problems like dry joints, replacing fuses, change HOT and etc. They have less knowledge in technical background. They charge real cheap and if they could not solve the complicated problem they just change the good part with the bad parts in it and return the set back to the customer.  If they want to do it that way we can’t do anything but i believe such practice won’t last long in the market. This is just a temporary thing and when the word of mouth spread out they will eventually out of business. Think of the consequences first before doing such thing.


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