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Double Trouble?

By on July 10, 2008

Have you ever come across minor problem in electronic repair and it ended up taking more time fixing it then what you expect? What i meant was that an equipment sent for repair of minor problem like intermittent problem (assuming when gently hit the Monitor with your hand, it turned into one white horizontal line across screen)  and at the end not only you can’t solve the problem but you add in another problem which could be no power, permanent one horizontal line and etc.

Why such situation can happen like this? It is because of our careless mistake and we are not careful enough. You could also say that it was our ignorance! Now, since you already knew that the problem is dry joints, you must be very careful when applying fresh solder across all the pins in the vertical section. Please clean the board and recheck again even though it would takes you another minute or so.  A slight solder bridge between the vertical IC pins could cause the vertical IC to burn or causing the power to cycle! Don’t ignore the checking and don’t always presume that it should work fine without double check otherwise instead of solving one problem, you are now creating another problem (Double Trouble).

Your precious time will be lost and in fact you can take your precious time to do other repairs job. Lets take this as a lesson to apply on whatever equipment that you wanted to repair. Happy Repairing!


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