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Dry Joints In Electronic Board

By on March 16, 2008

Do you know that it is quite common for a dry joints to happen in electronic board? In CRT/LCD Monitor troubleshooting and repair, out of 10 units that sent in for repair, at least few of them have dry joints problem. The dry joints can be in an individual circuit like CRT board or spread across the whole board (depending on the quality of the circuit board). Many times the dry joints problem caused other components or circuit to malfunction or blow. Let’s take the case of a dry joints in the horizontal/vertical yoke coil connector in the CRT Monitor. The dry joints could cause Horizontal output transistor (HOT) to blow, the B+ fet to go shorted and eventually causing no power to the Monitor.

dry joint

Always check around the circuit if you come across any bad components in the circuit. The component’s failure may not by itself but from other factors like dry joints and loose connection and etc. Assuming you have solved a no power problem in an equipment, always look out for the possibility of dry joints in other circuit to avoid callback from the customer. Try knocking on the CRT Board with the handle of the screw driver to see if the color circuit have any loose connection. If you found some electronic components pin that have less solder on it then apply more fresh solder so that the equipment will last longer and this will in the long run give a good impression to your customers that you are doing a good job of less returning equipment for repair. All these involved practical and you would not absorb it just by reading from books.

Buy some cheap equipment (working or non working condition) so that you can dismantle the whole set and see it for yourself about the real world of electronic repair and all the circuitry which includes the solder joints. Remember, practice will make you to become a better person in this electronic repair field!


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