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EEPROM Data Corrupted Again?

By on July 24, 2008

You have discovered that the problem with the Monitor was due to a bad EEprom (data corrupted) so you took out your EEprom programmer and reprogram the EEprom IC again. It works but after few months the same Monitor came back again with the same complaint, you were frustrated as to why the data corrupted again. Any repeated repair within the warranty period is a lost of time and money.

eeprom programmer

Since most of the EEPROM IC is located under the belly of the picture tube, with a prolong use of the set and many times of switching “On” and “Off” sometimes the static discharge may corrupt the EEprom data again. In order to prevent this from happening again, i suggest that you place a small piece of aluminium  casing on top of the EEprom IC together with some heat compound and secure the two sides of the aluminium casing with wires solder to the cold ground. This will surely make the EEprom IC work happily.

If the same problem happen again, then the best way is to replace the EEprom IC with a new one and with a different brand. Normally only certain Monitor models that have data corrupted in the EEprom IC. For example, Likom 14 and 17″, Samsung 15 and 17″, Dell 15″ and etc. There was one Dell CRT Monitor model that have a frequent problem of can’t set the contrast level to maximum thus casuing the dim display. After reprogrammed the EEprom IC the display came back with bright and clear picture.


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