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By on August 9, 2008

I went to two bookshops in the center of town Kuala Lumpur this afternoon to check if there is any new arrival of electronics repairing books. I was disappointed as 90 over percent electronics books sold mostly deal with theories and calculation. Most of the books were quite old and this means there’s no update especially in the topic of electronic repairing. Many of the electronics books were from India. Even if you check the Amazon website you could hardly find any electronic troubleshooting books. Most electronic repairing books in Amazon were printed in the mid and end of 90’s. There are only few printed in the early of year 2000.

 electronic book

Although i could not find any new electronics repairing books, i found two electronics books which are very good for newbies. Both books were written by local authors and i bought both of it to recommend to my students/participants. The content covers some electronics theories and comes with many photos and simplified circuit for easy understanding. Besides these two books i also bought “Electronic Projects-Volume 19” and “Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Electronic Equipments” for reference purposes.

electronic books


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