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Electronic Circuit Trainer

By on March 3, 2009

circuit trainer

During my early days of  attending certificate course in electronics i was exposed to the electronic circuit trainer where one have to follow the assignment or project given by the lecturer to complete the electronic project task. The electronic circuit trainer have a breadboard (where you can easily put in and remove electronic components)  in it with all the necessary supply voltages. The task consists of many different types of electronic circuit and you are require to build the circuit using the electronic circuit trainer. You place in the components together with the right supply voltage and see if the circuit works or not. If it did not work then you have to figure out why-could it be you have place the wrong components, applying wrong voltage, components installed the other way round and etc.

In fact it was quite interesting expecially when you are designing your own circuit and the circuit works. If the circuit works you then have a choice to make your own pcb board (prototype) or you can just remove the components and start with another electronic project. This electronic circuit trainer is best suit the beginners and for those who wants to design and build some simple electronic circuit.


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