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Electronic Repair Questions/Answers And Testimonials Part 12

By on September 6, 2008

greetings to you my friend. Great news and i need your help with it. A friend of mine came from Germany and offered me a nice kind of old oscilloscope but it does the job. I started working on it but not really understand everything on it. Any web site that explain this and how I can use it in work shop testing electronics equipment. Please let me know. Thanks

Hi W,
Understanding scope is a very big subject and i suggest that you get a book from or try search from google for such leywords:

“how to use oscilloscope”
“using oscilloscope”
“oscilloscope how to”
“how to understand oscilloscope”
and etc.


Hi Jestine,

First thing i like to tell you is my english not good so i hope you can understand what i am trying to discuss with you.The problems here i stay in out of town so most of the people still used the CRT TV.That why i want to learn how to repair that tv first then together learn to repair the PLASMA TV. For your info i already make this business around 3 years but i only concentrate to repair the washing machine,fan and freezer.For the tv side it’s done by my father but now he’s 73 years old ready. He learned to repair the tv using old method. So i like to know if i buy the book from you i still can repair the CRT TV or not and can i email to when i got confuse after that.Now i have many CRT TV in my workshop were i don’t know what to do with that.My father already retire. So i hope you can give me a guideline

Thank you.

Hi M,
The first rule in successful troubleshooting and repair is that one must be strong in testing electronic components. Once you are good in testing electronic components in fact you can start to repair any electronic equipment. But to speed up the repair in certain equipment like the TV i suggest you get a book on TV repair. With both combination (my ebook and the tv repair book) you can actually solve lots of tv problem. The best tv repair book is by homer l davidson “Troubleshooting and repairing solid state TV’s” and you can buy it from


jestine :

can you explain >> why the lcd turn green suddenly ?

Hi C,

Most probably could be loose connection in the vga signal cable or the flex cable between the mainboard and the lcd panel.

jestine :

i have tried 2 trials

1) connected the lcd monitor to another computer >> no such case happened

2) use another lcd monitor for the original computer >> no such case happened again

can you tell me why ?


Hi C,
I’m afraid it could be intermittent problem. Try open up the lcd and try reseat the flex cable. If the problem still persists then it may be the fault of the main board that can’t support certain motherboard. I came across one unit of CRT Monitor that have quite the similar problem. Running on other cpu it works fine but on original computer the display horizontal sync out. Went to the likom website and download the software to the original cpu solved the problem. If you have other questions please do email me again. Have a good day!


Hi Jestine
How to test the color voltages on CRT 17″?
.And is all the CRT 17″ picture tubes equivalent? i mean can we replace a picture tube without doing any changes?
Thank you.

Hi S,
The best to test color circuit is to use scope as voltage testing sometimes can be misleading. Not all picture tubes are equivalent and you need to know the part number written at the picture tube to find an exact replacement.


SIR could you recommend a testing instrument that can test SMD component and available in the Philippines.

Hi J,
I’m not in the Philippines thus i can’t provide you any information about smd test equipment. However you can buy online from this website that has a test instrument that can check smd components.


Can i learn how to assemble a meaningful electronics circuit after studying u r books?

Hi D,
This ebook is more on how to test electronic components and not in circuit designs. Once you are strong in testing electronic components you can actually start to repair all kinds of electronic equipment. You can also buy electronic project kits and assemble yourself with this additional knowledge.


I just want to know. Do you show how to troubleshooting with oscilloscope beside DMM in your book.

Hi K,
For your information, my ebook only cover the testing electronic components using dmm, analog meter, esr meter and etc but not oscilloscope. If you are interested in using scope you may visit and the bookstore have plenty of how to use oscilloscope book for you to choose. In my LCD Monitor repair ebook, i did cover some troubleshooting method using scope but again it didn’t fully explain all the functions of the scope. The scope is a very wide subject.


Im trying to build dc to dc step up and trigger circuit for the xenon strobe ,

do you have any idea ?


Hi Eddie,
Try search from the internet and key in the keywords such as

” boost circuit”
“dc to dc boost circuit”
“monitor boost circuit”
“how to step up dc voltage”
and etc.

Hope this helps!


hi Jestine ,
I will download the report an read it however I came across this component which has 2 diodes on the front of it. CAN YOU TELL ME HOW TO TEST IT.?
Thanks Allan.

Hi Allan,
It is a dual schottky diode and you need an analog meter set to X10 K Ohm to test it. It should show one reading high and one reading low on each diode.


Dear Jestine,

I consider myself advanced in Electronics Theory by self education and even though I have a Master Degree in Mechanics after purchasing and studying your books I was able to successfully perform repair of 12 CCTV monitors as of today. Just wanted to express my gratitude to you for sharing your experience and ask you kindly to include more pictures of repairing process in your reports. English is not my first language so pictures are very helpful.

Kind regards,


Dear Teacher;

I am happy to call you teacher after purchasing your ebook. I bought it already. I have not yet read everything in the book. I really want to be an electronic technician in the future. I am extremely happy to learn that you are kindly to allow me asking you questions if I have any. I have read other books as well, but those books do not tell me how to test the components in the TVs. As of now, all TVs are now plasma, so there will be different story how to fix the TVs. Now I bought one of your books, so is there any book you want me to buy in order to be an electronic technician? After reading your e-mail, I am reluctant to go to school, as 1st. it is expensive, 2nd. it takes times. Please give me suggestion. Should I go to school? Or I do not need too? Hope to you hear from you again soon.


Later I got his email again after I have replied to him:

Dear Sir,

Thanks for replying my e-mail. It is 10am in the west coast, USA now and it will be 12 midnight in Malaysia. You are asleep right now.

Well, it is actually late for the quarter of fall right now, the school starts on September 2nd.and my time is narrow to do so.

I am interested in electronic repairing in nature, but with two much advice from friends, I ended up going to be a medical assistant, and after finishing the school, I do not like the job at all even though it is considered a well paid job. The thing is we will do thing that we do not like. Job must be a hobby as well.

Three months ago, I started thinking of going back to what I really want when i was a boy, to be an electronic technician, so I bought three books, one of those tell me how to troubleshoot the problem in the TVs, but none of those tell me how to check until I got your website on the internet. The book I bought from you is “Testing Electronic Components” test like a professional one. I am now 37 years old, just move from state of Minnesota and will soon move back Minnesota when I am able to open my own TV repairs shop.

The school that I failed to go to is “Electronic Technology” 28 units and it take probably 6 months to study. It will cost me between 2 to 4 thousand dollars or even more. My friend just left school last year, and when I asked some questions, he seems could not answer the problem of the TVs system. He got ASS degree, a 2 years program, but the program that I want to go is only 6 months. Well please give me suggestion.


P. V

Hi P.V
Ask more from the course otherwise you may end up like your friend. But if you need a qualification then you have to take the course for future use just in case if the company need to see one. If you have decided to set up your own repair shop, the best way is to work for others to get some experience and at the same time read more books on troubleshooting and repair. Remember-be focus otherwise you may end up know only little in different kinds of electronic equipment. Another way to improve your repair is to buy over used unit from ebay and repair it and sell it in higher price. I know few of my members also doing this kind of job and they were happy about it.


I bought two books from you some months ago; they are great source of information.



Hi Jestine,

I can confirm that I successfully downloaded your ebook but haven’t got time to read it properly. I must admit that I browsed through quickly and at first glanced seem to be interesting.



Hi Jestine,

I received the Blue Ring Tester on Thursday Aug. 21, but i was so busy. It has proven to be a good investment, because i used it to repair a 27″ Panasonic TV today. The tv was shutting down after about 3 sec. I checked and could not find the fault, so i used the Blue Ring Tester to test the flyback transformer, and only the first 4 LEDs lit. I replaced the flyback and the tv was working again. Thank you.

Best regards,
A. W


hi jestine yong

how are you …a monitor comes in to my repair shop with a problem of very blur monitor …very blur to the limit that one line of writing with appear as a white line the details of the charters can not be seen ..if it focus to screen short can measuring resistance between this 2 pins reveal any thing ??

Hi W,
You can’t get any resistance reading by measuring pins between the focus and the screen in the picture tube. In your case it could be a very weak cathode and need replacement. If all the voltages to the crt tube are correct then the picture tube is the problem.


Hi Jestine,

Good day ! you are really the man!!! yes I have an esr meter I have bought a few years back I just test it for capacitors when I am troubleshooting leaks on a power supply good thing you have shown me some tricks where I could further use my esr meter..thanks bro ur a champion…



Deat Jestine,

I want to know, what is the book that should I read so that I can repair a
computer monitor?
May be do you have any information?

Thanks in advance,

Hi J,

You must first need to know how to test electronic components. You can get it from my website Since you want to be in the computer monitor repair, i suggest that you get these two good books from “Troubleshooting And repairing Computer Monitor” by Joseph Desposito and “Troubleshooting and Repairing Solid State Tvs” by Homer L Davidson. You may also buy a used book by searching from the internet. Hope this helps!








just a few question if you don’t mind, do you familiar with conventional tv. the one with picture tube?..Im troubleshooting a sony 21″.. when turned on the led just blinking..nothing more…thank you sir..

Hi C,
There are many problems that could cause the power to blink such as shorted HOT, FLYBACK, yoke coils, secondary output diodes, faulty components in power side and etc. You need to check them out with your meters. Hope this helps!


Would you repair a Toshiba 50HP95 less than 3 years old if it has a broken Power Supply, or throw it away and buy a new TV?? Paid $3500 for it in 05.

Hi K,
Since this is a 50″ plasma tv, i believe when you bought it at that time it was very expensive. A 3 years old tv is not consider old and yes you can send it for repair again but with one condition. Ask the technician first how much would it cost to repair the set and how long can they give for the warranty period. If the charge is too high and the warranty period is short then i suggest that you get a new set as nowadays the price for a new set is quite cheap too.




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