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Electronic Repair Workbench

By on May 12, 2008

If you are new in this electronic repairing line and wish to set up your own electronic repair workbench and do not have the idea of how it look like then the photo below is the answer! The photo below is an analog workbench and if you would like to see how a digital workbench look like then visit the website HERE. Actually a workbench design is depends on own preference and the photos is just a guide for you. You may mix the analog and the digital workbench together if you have some extra space.


As for the bench and the table, if you are on tight budget you can always get a used unit from junk store and they are selling real cheap. Get a suitable chair that can support your back because i came across before where my chair was not in line with the table height causing me back pain after sitting for a long hour! Different people have different height and you have to adjust the height of the chair accordingly. Many times a repair job required us to focus many hours and improper position would cause pain in the back, shoulder, arm and etc.


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