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Feedback From The August Repair Newsletter

By on August 6, 2008


Thanks for the news letter, the points you raise I fully agree with. My wife and I started our business in 1987, we then incorporated into a company in 1989. We have two main lines of work to our business, the sales, repairs and installation of computer and networking equipment; and development of commercial software applications (mainly – Payroll, Accounting, Job costing, Tour Travel and Credit Management). I have always believed that to run a successful business, requires not only motivation, but discipline.

It would be very easy to do only the jobs that you like, and not the ones that you don’t, but you must take the good with the bad, and make sure you put a good day’s work in at least five days a week, I tend to work six when the demand is there but I like to have Sunday to spend with the family.

When you run a small business as I do, some people consider that you are your own boss, and that is true in part. I consider my customers are my bosses, I decide the priorities etc, but they are paying the bills, therefore they are the boss as far as I am concerned. We have about sixty regular customers, and over a hundred casual customers that might only need a job done once every year or so. About ten of our customers, would always have work scheduled for us to do, whether it is the repair of equipment or the development of software. I believe that by diversifying into several areas, we tend to do better when the market slows down as it has currently in Australia, whereas businesses that specialise in only one product or service may not survive.

We also have to be careful that we do not take on too many different tasks, as this can be counter-productive. I started my career as an Electrician, then moved into the field of electronics as a communications technician working on Transmitters, Receivers, Radar and Microwave equipment. It was not a hard move into repairs of main-frame computers in (1981), but I saw the market changing in that computers were getting smaller and a lot of parts would be deposable. I then moved into computer software which is the area I love the most. Taking customer’s ideas and creating systems for them does give a great deal of satisfaction.

I feel you and I have very similar ideas and views when it comes to running a business, that is why I thought it would be a good idea to send you a reply to this month’s new letter. I have found your book (I purchased) very useful and well presented. You have certainly increased my knowledge in the repair of LCD monitors etc for which I thank you.




Jestine, I think your newsletter is super and think your discussion of the 7 reasons why you are not successflu in the electronic repair field is excellent. And, your article is right on the money. I have told other technicians basically the same thing you have written in your article but your thoughts are much more formalized and insightful than mine where when I talked with other technicians about this same subject. Great article!



Respected Sir

I am very happy to read august article and very thankful to you. You are helping new repairer to achieve their target in the electronic field the article you wrote is super and many of us has reach half to his repairing target.

Thank You



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