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Filter Capacitor Question

By on October 31, 2007

 blown capacitor

I received an email from my subscriber asked about why a newly installed filter capacitor (220uf 400Volt) blow the moment power is switched “On”? My answer to him was:

First-It could be the filter capacitor installed wrongly-you must follow the sign of the capacitor. The negative sign always go to the Hot ground. If you are not sure about this just look at the bridge rectifier positive and negative symbol or even the marking on the board.

Second-Cheap and low quality capacitor- Yes i came across capacitor that blow the moment i switched “On” the equipment. I asked for another batch of capacitor from my electronic supplier and the problem solved!

Third- The AC input too high-a higher than normal AC input could cause the DC output produced by the bridge rectifier to shoot up killing the capacitor. So make sure the input supply voltage is within range and lastly the peak voltage problem could also be the cause of capacitor blow!

Troubleshooting and repairing is like a detective job thus i like it very much. It makes you have to think for a complete solution. Once you found the solution,  the satisfaction in you is beyond description to anyone! Only those who are in this repair field would understand it. All the best to you!


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