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Find Out What Causes The Components To Blow

By on June 29, 2007

If you repair TV or Monitor, you will know why besides replacing the bad component one must also check for other bad components in the related circuit. Take Horizontal output transistor (HOT) in Tv and Monitor as an example. If you just replace the HOT only and switch on the equipment, chances are very high that the HOT will blow again. Yes it is true that a component can burnt or get bad by itself after few years in service but we cannot ignore the truth that many times a HOT spoilt were due to other factors such as dry joints, too high the B+ voltage, faulty flyback transformer internal capacitors, high esr in the supply line to horizontal driver transformer and etc.

We must find out the real problem first before you replace the HOT and turn the equipment on. With this way you will save lots of your repair time and component (HOT) too. Take this explanation as an advice so that in the future, if you come across any components like resistor, a capacitor, diode, IC, transistor or etc burnt, check the surrounding circuit that have connection with the burnt component. In other word, there must be a reason why a component gone bad.


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