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Fluke 1587 and 1577 Insulation Multimeters

By on August 12, 2007

fluke 1587 insulation multimeters

Fluke 1587 and the 1577 insulation multimeters is a one complete meter with many functions. If you have read my previous blog you would know that i bought the kyoritsu insulation tester to test capacitors that have high working voltage. This kyoritsu tester have only three ranges of voltage selection ie; 250v, 500v and the 1000v. In this fluke 1587 it has 50v, 100v, 250v, 500v and 1000v which is much more suitable to test wider range of capacitors. In other words, it can be use to test electrolytic capacitor that have working voltage of 50v. I can’t use the kyoritsu insulation tester to test capacitor that have 50v working voltage otherwise the capacitor would explode when the 250v is pump into the capacitor. The fluke 1577 model have lesser choice which are only 500v and 1000v!

Now, not only both meters can be use to check insulation, it also have other functions such as checking resistance, capacitance, ac/dc voltage and current, diode test, frequency, temperature and also continuity beeper. These meters also have the capability to auto discharge of capacitor voltage. If you have the intension to invest on an insulation tester, kindly check out from the fluke website about the full spec of these meters instead of buying the stand alone insulation tester like the kyoritsu insulation tester that i’ve just mentioned above.


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