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By on September 17, 2010

Once in a while, my company received different types of information from the fax. The information that we got was about selling used toner, new computer pricing, invitation to attend seminars that is related to account, tax, computers and etc. Most of the time the sender will fax it at night and in some cases it could waste lots of our paper. They got my company fax number most probably from the Computer Era (Computer Yellow Pages). I do not mind if they fax it in a piece of A4 size paper and have all the information in it but to some it could end up taken 7 to 10 A4 paper.  That’s why we only turn on our company fax machine during working hours and after work we will turn it off.

2 days ago in the morning i got a fax from another company about selling used toner, laser printers and copier machine. I did not instantly throw it into the bin because i want to show you how this company got my attention. It was simple and all the information is only in one piece of A4 paper and they can get the message across to readers. If you have the plan of faxing to your clients about your services, i suggest that you can follow the format in the photo below. Of course you have to amend it to suite what your company can offer. If you write a very long details about your offer, i guess the recipients will  thrash your information as fast as they received it.

Many people do not really have the time to read all the details in the fax. Make your information simple and  you will have a higher chance to get response from your potential customers.




  1. Sam C

    September 18, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Use the built-in Fax Service in Windows XP. The received fax images are stored in the fax console, no more wasted pager. Here is the instruction :

    There are also internet fax-to-email services which let you send and receive fax via email. The costs is often less than a phone line and no long distance charge to send fax . eFax is one of them.

  2. admin

    September 18, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    HI Sam,

    I believe this info would be very much appreciated by the readers too-thanks!



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