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Getting a Good Employee Is Not Easy!

By on January 5, 2009

good employee

I’ve been to many electronic repair shops and most of them run the business on their own. That’s mean it was not a partnership business or we just call it as sole proprietor. Some of them hire staff to work for them while to some they operate the repair business on their own without any employee helping them. I have spoken to few of them and they told me that they were comfortable running the business without staff. Some used to hired employees before but gave up when the repair volume was down and some told me it was not easy to handle human being!

They told me nowadays youngster (just after graduated from electronic institution or technical colleges) do not have the patience to do this kind of repair work. One of my repair friend fed up of hiring fresh workers because although they have certificate or diploma in electronic engineering they did not show their commitment in doing the job. He even told me that he had installed CCTV to observe what their staff were doing when he was out. From the CCTV he could see them talking with less action on the repair and to his shocking finding the one whole day they could only repair very little equipment and this can’t even could cover their own daily overhead cost. Getting a professional and good electronic repairer which mean you have to pay more. Its all depends on your choices and the total volume equipment send for repair. If you have decided to get freshie to help out in your electronic repair work please make sure you interview them throughoutly.

Well after a long holiday, now children have to go back to school. This morning woke up very early to send my son to school and guess have to adjust back my sleeping time otherwise i would be like Zombie in the office.


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  1. Amir Mukhtar

    August 3, 2011 at 3:53 am

    your observations and research in business strategies are quite marvelous.
    Because, no body other than owner can give you earnings up to the mark. however, perfect and responsible employee is getting too hard and impossible nowadays.
    so therefore, here is only one solution if staffing is require in repair business or any other organization like contractual or target oriented based, means done the job and get earn commission steply.
    Any how, this above is only for proposal because, you are an experienced and expert in this field. iam the only learner at this place.
    A student of Sir Jestine
    Amir mukhtar


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