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Getting Better In Troubleshooting And Repairing Each Day

By on March 1, 2010

If you want to be good in Electronic troubleshooting and repairing, one must practice more especially on the practical side. You have all the information from books, internet and etc but you must understand that head knowledge and hands on knowledge is not the same. You can be good in all sorts of circuits and calculation but this does not mean that you are good in repairing. Only through hands on practical you will see the real things in electronics.

Let’s take this for example, if there is a switch mode power supply that come in for repair, what are the steps that you need to do first in order to completely find out the fault and make the power supply to work again? The solution can’t be found from calculation and understanding of Ohms law, Network Theorem, Kirchoff’s law and etc.  It just has to be from the practical side of view. You may test the fuse first and if the fuse already blown you may check the next components which is the bridge rectifier, if the bridge tested good then you may proceed to test the power FET and corresponding components and etc till you can locate the  bad components.

Different repairer have different procedure of checking and it all depends on your preference. What i know was that the more you perform the repair work the better you are. If a guy within a month only repair 10 electronics item and another guy repair 100 items, which one would gain more electronic repair knowledge? I’m sure the guy that had repaired the 100 units why? Because he could see more problems and solutions than the other guy.

So, if you are just starting out in electronics repair and do not have things to repair, i suggest that you get more electronic project kits to fix. Then get one of your friends that have electronics knowledge to fabricate problem in the project kits. He could replace a bad components, create dry joints, or even purposely cut off some parts of the circuit track. With this method, at least you will have something to troubleshoot.

Once you are good, you then can proceed to buy over cheap electronic equipment from ebay and repair it. Once repaired, you can either sell or keep it for future R&D.


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