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Getting Electronic Project Kits

By on December 6, 2007


After the completion of the basic electronic course i always encourage my students to get electronic project kits so that they can continue to learn. Electronic project kits is good for beginners to learn basic schematic reading, using solder and desoldering tools, learn how to test electronic components, how to read part numbers, how to troubleshoot just in case if the project kit don’t work after completion, identify many types of electronic components and etc. If possible get the kits that have lots of components (big project) so that you will learn more compare to the kits that have less components in it. Of course the more components the more expensive it is.

It just worth the value spent and the knowledge you will get when fixing a kitset. Take a look at this website, where they offer lots of types of project kits. They even sell other electronic products too. Happy fixing!


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