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Getting Help From Another Professional Electronic Repairer

By on November 10, 2008


I received this email from a ERG member and this is what he said:

Hi! Jestine,

I would like to share what I know in repairing to all electronics repairer out there. What I can say is I can share what I have experience in the more than 30 years of repairing electronic appliances. You can share my email add to all who want to ask and need help. This knowledge that I have acquired comes from GOD and it is my desire to share it to all out there. Actually, Jestine, I have been teaching basic electronics for the last 20 years.

Wilfredo Yap Philippines


He said in his second email to me:

“It is my desire to share what I know because when we die we could not bring our knowledge to where we are going.”

Wow that was really powerful! This is a very good news to those who would like to ask question and be friend with him. I have not seen such a good big hearted man in helping out to those who are in need-bravo brother! Grab this opportunity to ask him any electronic repair question as he is willing to share out what he knows. His email is wilyap9(at)


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  1. reza

    May 9, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    hi mr
    Wilfredo Yap from Philippines
    thank u for shring your Experiences.


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