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Going For Holiday

By on November 22, 2007

 perlis map

Tomorrow morning i will be going to Perlis with my family for a one day convention and the next day i will be going to Penang to visit my elder sister and enjoy the holiday there and will be back on Monday night. It’s school holiday season now and my kids really looking forward for this trip. If you have any questions about electronic repair, my E-book and etc, i hope i could use the business room in the hotel in Perlis and Penang to answer your email. It may take a bit longer but i will answer your email.

As for the student who attended the basic electronic repair course, he is actually sent by his mom to learn the skill during the school holiday break. He is only 15 years old and just after his PMR examination. His mom told me to guide him and motivates him. The student told me that he likes to play online game and fixing things. What i observed from him was that he shows a very keen interest in technical things. Thus during the 3 days course i gave him more hands-on practice. Not only that i also extended his training by putting him into my technical department and get my technical supervisor to guide him. He even told me that he is aiming for vocational school when the school start next year. Well all the best to him!

technical student

 technical participant

I will post some photos when i come back from the holiday. By the way 2 weeks from now which is december 6th to 8th i has booked a place to Kelong.  It’s a fishing trip and i am longing for it since my last fishing trip was on august. I suppose to launch my new book this november but because of the course and holiday i have to delay it till early of december. Will announce to you when the book is ready. God bless!


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