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Going To A Famosa Resort Melaka

By on August 29, 2008


Tomorrow morning my family will be joining my secondary schoolmate and their families to A Famosa Resort Melaka. I will be there for three days and two nights and will be back on Monday evening. This trip had been planned since 6 months ago during the gathering with my secondary schoolmate back in February this year. We found that during at that time (February) it was not enough for us to gather and spend quality time together thus by going to the resort tomorrow we would have much time for each of us and our families. The reason we have chosen this date was because on Sunday it is my country celebrating independence day (31st of August) and many people will go for vacation. Please visit this post for more information

As usual once I’m back from this trip i will show you some good photos and videos. Merdeka to all Malaysian readers in this blog. Take care and God bless!


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