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Going To Cameron Highlands

By on August 20, 2008



Tomorrow morning my family will be going to Cameron Highlands for holidays. We will be going with my friend’s family. This friend of mine and his family were the one that joined me and my family during the Langkawi trip back in early June this year. This week in fact is a school holiday and is about the time to bring my kids and wife to enjoy the nature at Cameron Highlands. I could relax too after given so many repair courses for the past many weeks. Recharge the body and mind so that i could continue to give the best to my company. I hope i could find some internet cafe there so that i can continue to check my emails and provide support to my members. If I’m late in responding your email, please forgive me and once I’m back i will reply to you as soon as possible. As usual, after the trip i will show you some of the photos and videos for you to enjoy.


By the way, just completed the three days repair course for a participant from Petronas. He was kind of a unique student and performed very well during the course. He asked lots of repair questions and he really write down all the answers. He seems to be different from others in term of communication and thinking and I’m very impressed by the way he shared some of his plans to me. He even carefully redraw all the diagrams that I’ve given him so that with this way he could ask me questions whenever he come across any circuits that he doesn’t understand. He even brought along his Fluke 189 True RMS MultiMeter for testing purposes and you could see it from the photo below.


I have used that meter for some testing and very satisfied with the performance. By giving courses, i could have the opportunity to meet up many peoples from different races and its good to hear some sharing (whether in electronics or some other topics) from fellow participants too. Next week there will be another class for the Advanced Monitor Repairing course and thank God for all His wonderful blessing towards me, my family and my company. All glory be unto Him!


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