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Going To Port Diskson

By on November 27, 2008


I will be going to Port Dickson tomorrow for holiday with my family and my wife family members too. We will stay there for 3 days and 2 nights and only will be back on Sunday evening. School holiday in fact already started two weeks ago and this is a good time for family members to come together and fellowship. Other days for them would be very busy! I will bringing along my few RC helicopters (Micro 3-channels and E sky dauphin 4 channels helicopter). This is my new found hobby and I’m just fascinated with its capability to fly with its small motors powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery. As usual once I’m back i will show you some photos and videos of the trip.

The place that i will be staying does not have internet line connection thus i will not answer to your email. I could only do that when I’m back home-hope you understand. By the way, I’m sending my  wish to those who will be celebrating ThanksGiving Day- Have a blessed day and see you next week!



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