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Got A Replied From My ERG Member About the Latest Newsletter

By on December 17, 2007

Hi Jestine,

Looks like you are not alone i also faced troubles like you when i graduates from electronics institute i work in a shop but the technician there was hiding the facts of how he repaired that equipment ohh he even gave me information that is incorrect what i did is one thing i buy the big blue book from the internet oh my god it is full of repair imformation the author is randy fromm i went to computer shops and collected the pc smps from their RUBBISH and i practice soldering and desoldering and repairing on them i visited alot of internet technical websites and i even bought books from the internet.

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And i bought a fluke digital multimeter i build the ringer tester with my hands since no body is selling it in libya and now i have small electroncis repair center i repair monitors computers and a multiple of other repair equipments actually this is right no body is going to help you what my friend jestine is saying is true nobody is willing to give you easily what he had obtained so hardly (jestine is on of the few who does this along with randyfromm and some other kind people but most of them dont do this ) i hope you show the members this story so they can believe i am so similiar to you jestine i always open the new tvs monitors when my father buy them an gaze at them my father say why you open the new tv i say to him : oh dad i just feel fun when i see what inside make the tv work i hope one day will come when i can repair this things >…he laughs as me ….electronics is passion just love it be patience and practice fill your head of information and you will success

King Waeel, Libya

Electronic Repairer.


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