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Got A Surprise Call From……..

By on October 10, 2008

Just after came back from lunch, my partner gave me the telephone saying that someone from oversea was looking for me. It was one of my ERG member who called to inform me that he had sent a payment through western union to buy the Testing electronic components ebook. Guess where he is from? He is from Kiribati as shown from the map below. We chatted for a while and he complimented about the repair newsletter and saying the articles was very good. I thanked him for that! If you read this post Mr Eri, i wish to say thanks again for your support of my ebook.

kiribati map

By the way i received two calls also from the local who are also interested in the ebook. I asked one of them at where she found my website? The answer was in the Yahoo search engine! As you have read my previous post about having website to promote your company (whether in electronic repair and etc), i guess this is just one of the way how visitors know about my websites. For your information, from the statistic data that i have gathered, i found that many visitors came to my websites from Google compare to other search engines. It was about 80%!


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