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Hard Work Does Pay Off

By on September 27, 2008

very good

Here is a testimonial i got from one of my buyer:

Hello Mr. Yong

Where do I begin I purchase this program monitor repair and testing Electronic Equipment six months ago I been study and reading and learning I am not the most intelligent person and I am new to this field. But I do have the budget and was able to purchase 95% of all the equipment that is needed to become successful. My goal was to learn this course with out asking you a lots of questions because you have clearly covered everything so I just study I am not one for writing letters but I had to let you know all the work paid Off I had started on and fix my first monitor and I did it with confidence the instructions in your books are amazing because I was able to follow them. I’m just writing you a small letter because I want to say thank you for a product that is exactly what was said of it. I do not know what else to say but thank you.

PS this is the monitor that I repair a 19n Hyundai N91S.

Once I almost mastered this course I am coming after the plasma TV course thanks again.

Christopher Muhammad


Now here we could learn few things from his email. Let us summarize his email:

1) He is a beginner (I am new to this field)

2) He bought the books and “study and reading and learning” (he didn’t buy the books to keep into bookshelf, in fact he keep on reading them)-Action counts!

3) He bought test equipment (purchased 95% of test equipment- i guess recommended from the ebooks)

4) He is able to follow the instructions in the books (your books are amazing because i was able to follow them)-this proof that he could test electronic components, perform voltage and scope test and etc (by using test equipments).

5) He has objective (my goal was to learn this course…)

6) He got a result (he repaired a 19″ Hyundai Monitor)

7) He got another plan (coming after Plasma TV repair course)

From the above, we could see that he have the passion for electronics repair and his hard work really paid off. Action does matter! We can’t sit and expect knowledge just drop into our mind. In fact we have to chase for knowledge! We need to persevere, sacrifice of time, energy and money (buy test equipments, books etc) to learn as much as we can then we can expect good result! For those of you who have the intention of giving up just simply because you can’t repair certain items, think again and see how a beginner like Christopher Muhammad could excel and i believe he has many plans ahead of him! Keep up the good work Chris and many others out there as “Vision without Action is daydreaming but Vision with Action could bring changes (positive) in your life”

Jestine Yong



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