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Here are the Kelong Photos and Videos

By on January 26, 2008

Just came back from the fishing trip and it was fantastic and my body and mind were truly rejuvenated. Even though just four persons went we really had a great time of fellowship at the Kelong, enjoyed the delicious seafood and most importantly the excitement of fishing. We used to go there in a big group! The first day was not so productive but the second day was very good and we met new friends there and they were very kind in sharing their fishing techniques to us. Because of the knowledge they had shared to us, we caught more fishes-this is what we call “knowledge with action counts”! We can’t wait to go back to the Kelong again-it just superb! Here are the Photos and you can view the Videos on the previous post.

 ahfatt kelong

kelong sibu


kelong ah fatt

kelong fishing

 kelong fishing sibu

kelong fishing ah fatt


Videos in the previous post 


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