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By on December 26, 2008

These few days with Christmas celebration On, i really have no time to post my trip journey to Taiping and Pulau Pangkor Island Resort until now. My relatives came visited me and family and etc. Sorry if my email support have been slow for the past week. Hope you have enjoy the Christmas holiday season. Okay back to the vacation, it was a fantastic trip and as planned we stopped at Ipoh to had our Dim Sum breakfast and then proceed to Taiping. Taiping have beautiful lakes,  Maxwell hill (bukit larut), zoo taiping night safari and the local food there was very good and cheap too. We stayed there for a night and the next day we went to Pulau Pangkor Island Resort.

We took the ferry to the island and was greeted by their singing band. By the way one of my neighbour was working there as a chief chef and he treated us very good and even got his staff to prepare a birthday cake for my son. He even lend us his car so that we could visit the Pangkor town. According to him, the hotels at Pulau pangkor was fully booked and hardly could get a transport. We visited the town and the fishing village to see how they make fish satay.

At night after dinner, we went out to the beach and enjoy the sea breeze and the stars too while the children continued to look for small crabs at the beach. My friend told me there were many visitors from europe stayed at the hotel because at this time their countries are very cold (winter season). There are still many things that i haven’t try it out at the resort like jungle trekking, island hopping, night fishing, archery, games and etc because 3 days 2 nights at the hotel was just not enough. I wish in the coming future i could stay longer there to enjoy the facilities they offered to hotel guests. Here are the photos and videos i have taken during the trip to Taiping and Pulau Pangkor Island Resort:

dim sum

maxwell hill

bukit larut



taiping night safari


christmas tree



catching crabs

pulau pangkor island



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