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How Many Electronic Equipment Can You Repair In A Single Day?

By on March 26, 2008

Well there are many factors that can affect the total volume of how many electronic equipment you can repair in a single day. Problems such as answering phone call (support), entertain customers or your repair friends, lack of spare parts (got to go to electronic distributor to buy one), new circuitry and design (it takes time how to analyze the new circuit), searching for components data either from the internet or from data book, lack of good tools and test equipment (many guessing game involved), lack of basic electronics knowledge, easily give up on repair, missing components in the equipment (repaired by inexperience technicians from other company), could not find any spare parts or replacement and lack of focus and concentration (repairing too many types of electronic equipment).

Do not be discourage by all these factors as time goes by you will be able to handle it. There are also many cases of simple problem like loose connection, drj joints, straight forward repair like replacing only a single components such as a bulged capacitor, open resistor, open fuse, shorted diode and etc. All these simple solutions can also contribute to your earning and it only takes couple of minutes to repair it. It is like a give and take scenario where you can’t expect everyday to have simple problem in electronic repair, once in  while you will surely encounter tough dog problem and do you know that we learn more from the tough dog repair compares to just replacing a fuse, a capacitor and etc? Continue to learn and don’t give up and the only way that we can see in the future is successful!


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