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How Much Do You Charge For A Simple Repair Work?

By on September 13, 2008

I got this question many times from students who asked me how am i going to charge a customer for a simple repair work such as dry joints, replacing only a fuse, resistor or capacitor and etc. My question to them was-

If you are in the electronic repair line you have to think like a professional (yes! you are a professional!) and you can’t charge them just base on that part price that you have marked up. If you do that i guess you may end up closing your repair business faster than anyone else. Always have a minimum charge or some called it as labor charge. You have to think of the overall cost of your expenses-you got to pay rental, electricity, phone bill and etc by end of every month. Not only that, you have to make some profits!


In my company I’ve set the price for each repair for different equipment (inclusive of labor and components) except to some really expensive part like the LCD panel and main board. That means, no matter how difficult or simple the solution is i will charge according to what i have stated in the pricing and  i found that all of my customers were very comfortable with this kind of pricing method. Its more like a give and take style and it has made our work more easy otherwise for every repair you got to call the customer to get their feedback and all this would take up your time and increase your phone bills too.

Of course every repair company have their  own way of charging their customers, if you would like to share your opinion about this subject you may comment on this post-thanks!


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