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How To Check Flyback Transformer

By on September 8, 2007

It’s simple to check flyback transformer with the help of a flyback tester, digital capacitance meter and an analog meter. First check the internal capacitor of the flyback, it should have between 1.5 nf to about 4.5 nf (depends on Monitor) and check also with analog meter set to X 10 K Ohm to see if the internal capacitor is shorted or not. Next we check the primary winding of the flyback by using a flyback tester. If you use a dick smith meter, a good flyback should shows 5-6 bars and above (again it depends on the size of the Monitors). Sometimes even if you have the best meter in the world, the flyback transformer can breakdown when under load thus your meter can’t test as most of the meter used to check on flyback were out of circuit test. If you suspect the flyback breakdown when under full operating voltage, direct replacement is the best solution.


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