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How To Get Customers?

By on April 28, 2009

Among all the business strategies that i had use to find customers (sending flyers, recommendation from friends and relative, newspaper, magazine, faxing and etc) i found that faxing was still the best in getting new customers. Get a local computer directory and list out the computer company that are located nearby your shop or within certain radius (in Km) and fax to them.  Now the real secret is what you will write in the piece of paper that you need to fax to your potential customer.

Please do not write how many staff you have, how many years of repair experience you have and etc. The customer just not interested into what you have they are interested on how you can solve their problem. You should focus on how your company can solve their problem. For example, you provide transportation (thru and fro) and this will solve your customer problem because they don’t need to waste time and send the equipment to you. My company already have this kind of service since 1996.

About the content of the letter you should write something that can grab their attention first and later they will read on. Here are just some of the headline that you should put in your fax “Computer Repair-Free Transportation!”You can replace the word “Computer repair” with Monitor Repair, Television Repair, Audio Equipment repair and etc. Once they know that your company is providing free transportation i believe it has solve one of your client problem and they might call you to try you out. Of course they will continue to read on what you got to offer to them.

Write in bullet form like:

1) 3 months warranty

2) Free pick up and delivery

3) No checking fees (if you could afford this service)

4) 3 working days turn around time (make sure you can do it)


Remember to put your pricing there and the pricing is depends on your country repair rate as this will save you and your customer time. If you got a call from customer that means you will have the chance to close the sales. By the way there are many words that can convince the customers to try you out but again you have to test it out and see how it goes. If your repair business is down then i believe you will have some extra time, why not use the extra time to try faxing to your customers? Who knows you may hit some big clients!


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