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How To Tell Your Boss That……………

By on January 13, 2009

quit job

I got a question ” How to tell your boss that you want to quit…..?”

In fact it is not a big deal if you want to quit your job. The problem is you quit your job and start a new company and you are the most experience technician in that company and you brought in lots of income for the boss. You are unsure whether your boss would congratulate you or hate you for being his competitor later.

I told him to tell the truth because somehow one day his Boss would discover it later and if possible when running the business do not touch on your Boss clients. Just to let your boss know that everyone in them if have the opportunity would surely one day wants to set up  their own company. Suggest to him that both of you could work together and even though you already resign, just in case if your boss have any difficulty in solving the problem, encourage him to call you. Be friend instead of enemy! I believe his Boss should understand about this situation because before his boss set up the repair business he should have face similar situation before unless he is a very inconsiderate person.

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