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By on September 11, 2009

ic master

Thanks to Charles from Malawi for sharing this important info about IC datasheet. This is what he wrote to me:

Hi Jestine

As I read through the questions and answers on your blog and learning a lot in the process, I found there is a friend called Divya who wanted to be assisted with a website where information for ICs could be found. I came across a website called; and I thought I should share this information. is a search engine for many electronic component. To access more information on this site one needs to subscribe or register. The process is simple and free. I subscribed to this site and have used it several times to access data sheets for some ICs. I hope Divya and other friends in the eletronics repair field will find this information useful.

Best Regards.

Charles Sambani – in Malawi, African Continent

He had shown his concern and willingly to take the initiative to point to me the website and I’m sure Divya and the rest of the readers in this blog would be grateful to him. Thanks again Charles! By the way please click on the photo to visit the website


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