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I’m Back!

By on August 19, 2007

 speed boat merchung

Well, this time the harvest was not so good compare to the last trip but anyhow i had a wonderful and a good time of fellowshipping with my two fishing buddies.  During the journey we talked about family, job, plans and etc. Fishing activities actually could brought relationship between friends closer! As usual, besides going for fishing we also enjoyed food. We stopped by at the foothill of Bukit Tinggi where we had our dinner there and after dinner we had our feast of “durians” (King of the fruits)! Now at Malaysia this time is the durian season where lots of Malaysian like to eat durians very much! Some people can’t stand the smell but as for us it is really delicious!

As for the catch, we only managed to caught two table size parrot fish and lots of small fishes (ikan kunyit). The sea was calmed on that day, not hot but was just that no takers from the big one. We still enjoyed the trip eventhough there were no big fish caught. We are looking forward for this coming mid of november for the “kelong fishing trip” to Mersing. Below are the photos and videos taken during the trip. Enjoy!







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