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I’m Writing My Fourth Book!

By on April 14, 2008

My last book which is the LCD Monitor Repair was completed at the end of December last year. My two other books are Testing Electronic Components and Find Burnt Resistor Value. I have sold lots of these books and many buyers have bought all of the three books. Thank you for your support! It’s coming to four months now and i guess this is the time for me to continue to write my fourth book. I give myself one and a half month to finish the fourth book and expected launch date would be early or mid of June. As usual i will slot in lots of good photos and all of my secrets tips and procedure of troubleshooting.

I have to commit myself about this project and will give the best to all of my buyers so that they would found it to be very useful in their daily repairs. I will also add in some extra bonus reports too! Tomorrow i will start the Basic Monitor course for my student who had taken the Basic Electronic one week ago. After that i will put him in into my technical department to repair customers Monitors. I will show you some of the photos once he had completed the course. Have a Brilliant Day My Friend!


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