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Industrial Power Supply Board Repair

By on October 13, 2007

 industrial power supply

A friend of mine sent me an industrial machine power supply complaining of output power unstable. As usual i would scan the power supply for any dry joints, decayed glue, bulged capacitor and etc before i begin to repair. Well it look like all the power supply components were in good condition. My next procedure is to use ESR meter to check on all the electrolytic capacitors.

 bad capacitor

Yes, i found one E-cap have very high ESR reading. Upon solder it out i found underneath the cap, the electrolyte has leaked. I cleaned up the area and replaced one with a higher voltage. In order to let the power supply run well i direct replace also an e-cap nearby the faulty capacitor area.

When i power “On” the power supply and checked the voltage, it shows 24 Volt DC output!

industrial power supplies


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