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Is There A Perfect Solution In Electronic Repair?

By on March 25, 2009

The answer is no because electronic problems are dynamic unless you talk about common fault in certain equipment model. The reason i said no was because even though I’ve been in this line for so many years, new problems keep creeping out and sometimes you have to scratch your head on how to locate, troubleshoot and completely repair the problem.

In fact this guessing game that have made us  so excited and look forward to search for the solution. If all equipment comes in only fuse problem, i guess you don’t find this repair job interesting anymore.  Due to the many type of circuits in electronic equipment, this has made us would like to learn more about finding new ways to solve the problem. Dynamic and weird problems in electronics had actually made us even become stronger and knowledgable because the problems had forced us to think more deeply for the solution. Its a blessing to have some tough dog problems and once you have acquired the skill of solving many tough dog problems, i guess in the future you will face lesser problem especially when you are presented with newer type of equipment or circuit.


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