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It Was A Very Good Trip

By on August 24, 2008

The Cameron Highlands trip was good and we have enjoyed every moment there. The last time i went there was two and a half years ago. The temperature at the hill there was about 18 to 20 degree celcius and the place is famous for its plantations (fruits and vegetables) and Singapore import lots of fruits and vegetables from there too. It took us about 3 hours and 45 minutes to reach Cameron Highlands from KL. During the few days in Cameron Highlands we went to many farms like the cactus farm, butterfly farm, Strawberry farm, Bee farm, Kea Farm (bought some fruits and vegetables to make juices) and lastly the Bahrat Tea Plantation at Cameron Valley. We ate durians, enjoyed steamboat dinner and western food too and went to night market and bought lots of fresh vegetables and brought it home.

In the middle of the night of course me and my friend watched the Olympic Games too while the kids played Game boy. I saw how Usain Bolt from Jamaica ran like lightning and broke the 4 X 100 Meters world record! He broke the 100 and the 200 meters world record before that. It was superb fast! Overall, my family and my friend’s family were truly enjoyed about this fantastic trip. By the way please give me sometimes to respond to your emails as i got lots of them in my in box. Here are the photos and video shots taken during the three days at Cameron Highlands.

cameron cactus farm

cameron highlands cactus farm

antique radio transistor

cameron butterfly farm

cameron highlands butterfly farm

cameron steamboat mayflower

cameron strawberry farm


cameron highlands bee farm

cameron highlands t cafe

bharat tea plantation cameron

cameron valley

bharat tea plantation cameron valley

bharat tea plantation cameron valley cameron highlands



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