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It’s Getting Common To Get This Type Of Email

By on September 15, 2009

Once in a while i will get this kind of email with the headline “Please I Need Your Help Urgent!!!” and the content of the email:

I am in a hurry writing you this message i am sorry i didn’t inform you about my urgent trip to London i don’t have much time on the pc here,so i have to brief you my present situation which requires your urgent response actually, I had a trip to London yesterday but unfortunately for me all my money got stolen at the hotel where i lodged due to a robbery incident that happened in the hotel.I had been so restless since last night cos i have been without any money i am even owing the hotel here as well moreover the Hotel’s telephone lines here got disconnected by the robbers and they are trying to get them fixed back i have access to only emails at the hotel because my mobile cant work here so i didnt bring it along,please i want you to help me with money so please can you send me 1,200,Pounds so when i return back i would refund it back to you as soon as i get home,I am so confused right now and dont know what to do,you can have it sent through Western Union Money Transfer so i will get it immediately its sent,Here is my full name and addess where you should me help send the money through Western Union Money Transfer,

Name- Deleted


Country-United Kingdom City-London


Please once you  have the money sent to me just help
me write out the Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN)or
just help me scan the receipt so that i can receive
the money here.


For your information the email address i found it to be in my member list and i immediately delete such email from my database and he will never get my monthly repair newsletter again.  By the way do you get such email?



  1. jgmanza

    September 16, 2009 at 5:26 am

    Hello Jestine, yes I get a mail like that from the Chairman of the company where I work. He was supposedly in London, and asking for money. However since he is in an office beside mine's we knew it was a lie. However his email address password was stolen and he could not access it anymore.

  2. admin

    September 16, 2009 at 7:30 am

    HI Jgmanza,

    Thanks for sharing!



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