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Keep The Fire Burning In You!

By on April 11, 2008

If you have been in this line for a very long time and alone doing the repair, i suggest that is the time now to mix with other fellow electronic repairer to boost back your motivation in this electronic repairing line. A courtesy call won’t take you much time and sometimes we have to be humble ourself to make the first move. Meeting someone face to face is much much better than in any other place. Take yesterday as an example where one of my repair friend came and i really appreciate the time both of us shared about electronic repairing topics.


In this line we can’t be alone and just do our work without knowing what is happening outside. Meet others and don’t treat them like enemy-welcome them with open heart! You would not know somehow one day you may need their help too. Do you know that i like to welcome all of my electronic repair friends into my technical department and let them see how i set up and run the technical department. Although my technical department is not as sophisticated or big compares to other company, i’m sure those who see it will learn something and most probably apply the ideas into their technical department too. In other words “treating people the way you want to be treated”!

You need to motivate yourself and keep the fire burning in you so that you won’t go dull and continue to make the electronic repair job as good as when you were starting out.


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