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Keeping Bad Electronic Components

By on October 18, 2008


Whenever i repair electronic board and come across any bad electronic components i will keep it for future reference. What do i mean by keeping bad electronic components? I don’t keep just any bad electronic components in fact i’m keeping electronic components that can’t be tested out by test equipment. I found these bad electronic components after direct replacement and the equipment came back to life again. These are the components that passed my meter’s test and yet have problem when the full voltage was applied to them.

The components that i have kept are generally capacitors (polarity and non polarity capacitors), diodes, and transistors. All these components will be evaluate by me again if i have any new meters so that i will know if such meters have the capability to find out such fault in the components. I just got an email from an ERG member who had built the zener diode tester said that he found a zener diode broke down when under full operating voltage. Normal multimeter found the zener diode to be okay but when tested it with the zener diode tester, it did not show any reading at all. By right the pointer of the voltmeter should have show the zener diode voltage. He was happy to solved the Monitor problem. I told him to keep that zener diode for future reference or just in case if there is any meter that is better than what he is having now. He can immediately test the bad zener diode with the new meter.

So, if you have the opportunity to come across such components, don’t throw it-keep it for future use on new test equipment to see how accurate the new meter is.


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